Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice breakers

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An ice-breaker...
  • Opens the way
  •  Sets the course
  •  Clears the path
  •  Facilitates the movement
  •  Cuts through barriers
  •  Breaks resistance
Icebreakers are more than fun and games. They are activities that help people connect. These creative interactive processes open the way to learning. I have been collecting activities that I usually use and adapt from. I have been thinking about how to add a digital twist to old timers.
I could take my students to the computer lab and ask them to share some of their pictures -  
I could ask students to choose some pictures that they relate to and ask them to talk about themselves using the images.
Students could get in small groups and guess information about  each other through the pictures they chose.
I've read about this great site on Life is a feast,  you can learn more about this tool on her blog post. I really liked this web2.0 because it's user friendly and we can make visually rich quizzes to enliven our classes. I used Photopeach to upgrade an ice breaking activity called 
        What's True? 
Students write sentences about themselves, preferably something funny or unusual that most people wouldn't know. one of the sentences should be a lie. students read their sentences aloud to the group and they try to guess which one is the false one.

This simple interactive activity can help you set the course and start a great semester! Have fun!

esl warmer on PhotoPeach

 For the very beginning of the semester we could use wordle to design an ice- breaker.

You could write a text about yourself, turn it into a cloud using wordle and ask students to guess pieces of information about you using the words. Students could do the same in the computer lab using wordle or on a blank sheet of paper.
This activity might generate lots of interaction and exchange of information among your learners.
What tool would you use to design an ice-breaker? How would you use it?