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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Online Storytelling

Storytelling is an art and it is as old as speech. Stories can educate and build rapport. Telling a story can provide the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of a specific topic or experience and a way of doing so is by taking your kids to the school’s library and exploring this awesome environment. Kids are able to explore the book and learn not only to enjoy reading, but also learn that books are a way to find out lots of useful and important things.  

However, technology has opened a new dimension to this fantastic educational tool. There are myriad online resources that can be used for this purpose. Children will be fascinated by the fantastic illustrations, and captivated by the animation, music, and sound effects that enhance the narration. Furthermore, there are some websites where students can create their own stories, providing students with an opportunity for personalization.

I have often used storytelling as a means of presenting a new unit or a new topic and what I have found is that stories can be used not only to communicate, educate and inform, but also to establish connections, inspire and encourage students. My experience has told me that students tend to get more motivated and also this type of warming-up might help activate schemata and lead to better long-term retention of the target language focus.

Some useful websites for online storytelling:

Some useful websites to create ebooks:

Lilian Marchesoni