Saturday, June 02, 2012

Simple Activities Using an iPad in the Elementary Classroom

Level : Junior 2 
Goal: Have students use Can and Can't in affirmative sentences and Yes/No questions.
Vocabulary: sports - basketball, soccer, catch a ball, kick, play, dance, swim,... 
Verb:  Can - affirmative and Yes/No questions.
Materials: a small ball and a basket.



1 - T or a st asks each student: "Can you play basketball?"  Model on the board.

Then,  have the student shoot a free throw to make sure he/she is right.  Teacher takes a picture.

2  -  Students write sentences about their classmates' abilities using can.

Go on until all the students have participated.

3 - Finally, show the photos and students make up sentences using can and the vocabulary they learned.

4 - For the following class, I have created a quiz using their photos.

Maria da Luz Delfino