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Friday, September 04, 2009

How-To Series - Using Laptops and Projectors in the Classroom

Dear all,

For you who are still not so confident about how to operate the laptops and projectors at CTJ, here´s a tutorial video.

Question? What would you like to have in our how-to series?

We promise to do our best to meet your ed tech curiosity and help you out with this fascinating digital world.

The Ed Tech Team

Just a reminder. When you are using videos in the classroom, be selective. Think of the age group you are teaching. Some parents have complained that the videos shown in class were not adequate to the age level of their kids.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How-To - CTJConnected

The Ed Tech Monitors have set the main goals for this semester:

  • Give tech support to teachers and encourage even more of us to become content creators
  • Give tech support to teachers who are in the process of turning themselves into Educational Technology users
Never have we had such a great response from this wonderful crowd of educators in relation to the technological field. It has been some years now that we´ve had a team working for CTJ, but the time has come. Now, everybody sees the importance of adding this digital element into their lesson plans. It´s not a matter of being a "cool" teacher or even a "digital" one, but it´s about relevance, content, and connecting our students to the world. It´s about showing how relevant English is in a connected world.

So, here´s our deal. We start this blog to be our open channel, a place where we connect, ask and share. The Ed Tech Team and any of our teachers can be bloggers here to give a tip, to share a cool resource, or to tell us about a nice lesson plan.

Well, we start with a tutorial on how to use our CTJConnected wiki. Enjoy! And we´re waiting for your feedback.

Be a little patient to load the video.